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P.O. Box 422   Laguna Beach, CA 92652


Formerly called the Junior Women's Club, our Ebell Club of Laguna Beach as it is known today, was organized in l933 by Mrs. Thomas Embree Bird and l7 other young Laguna Beach ladies. Embree Bird was our first president and served for 2 years; our insignia features birds in her honor. vvv

It was in l935 that all members pledged to support projects to develop Laguna Beach as a home and family community, helped with Laguna Beach Clean-Up Week, won first prize for flower arrangement at the Garden Club Flower Show, and sponsored a Girl Scout troop. In l937-38, Ebell raised funds for local flood relief in Laguna Canyon.

Ebell was very involved in the war between l941 and 1946 in sending Christmas packages to needy families in Europe, wrapping gifts for our servicemen, the blood bank, Red Cross drives, etc. Ebell Club initiated the Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Program in l947; we were the first to give out scholarships at the high school.

Through the years, Ebell has taken part in a variety of activities and interests such as an exhibit of dolls at the Festival of Arts, an "Old Laguna Booth" at the Festival of Arts, and a Monthly Art Gallery Tea. More recently, we have had an annual gala holiday luncheon/fashion show and Kentucky Derby Party.

Today, our Ebell is a social and philanthropic organization. All of our monies earned are returned to the community of Laguna Beach to support a variety of organizations, education and scientific projects. For more information please email us at president@ebelllagunabeach.org.