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Why Support the Ebell Club of Laguna Beach?
Because Ebell Has Supported Our Community for Over 75 years...

Laguna Beach is a unique community in so many ways. Its residents consistently vote to support our schools, help victims of natural disasters, assist the homeless and low-income families, and maintain open spaces, public parks and the arts.

Although Laguna Beach is listed ninth in median household income in Orange County, it was ranked number one in a recent Orange County cost of living index. This means there are many families in our community who need the community's support and assistance.

As an all-volunteer organization, the Ebell Club has supported the Laguna Beach community for over 75 years. Following are some of the many programs and organizations that depend on Ebell's support:

Ebell Supports Our Community's Senior Citizens
Sally's Fund. Nearly one third of Laguna Beach residents are over 60 years of age. Since 1982, Sally's Fund has made it possible for the Senior Citizens of Laguna Beach to continue living independently by providing transportation and other essential services.

Susi Q Senior Cente
r works with other nonprofits and the city to provide access to programs and services that promote independence, wellness, and community. In February 2009, after years of fundraising and planning, the Center celebrated its Grand Opening.

Ebell Supports Our Community's Families in Need
Friendship Shelter is the only year-round homeless shelter in South Orange County. Their 60-day self-sufficiency program always has a waiting list. The shelter provides a home, meals and a wide range of support services for men and women.

Laguna Relief and Resource Center provides a broad range of homeless assistance, low income family assistance and disaster response, including functioning as the lead 501(c)3 charitable organization through which the community supported those affected by the Bluebird landslide.

Laguna Beach Community Clinic provides quality medical, dental and health education services to low-income and uninsured residents of Orange County through a sliding fee scale and public support funds.

Ebell Supports Our Community's Youth
Boys and Girls Club. Violent juvenile crime doubles during after school hours. The Boys and Girls Club provides our youth a safe and affordable environment during the summer and after school.

CSP Youth Shelter provides immediate services to troubled youths 11-17 and their families who are in crisis due to domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse, serious communication problems and family conflict. The Shelter provides emergency shelter, counseling, and short-term crisis intervention.

The Ebell Club also supports Girl Scouts, Little League, and other youth oriented programs.

Ebell Supports Our Community's Schools
In the 1930's the Ebell Club of Laguna Beach awarded the very first scholarship to a Laguna Beach High School (LBHS) student. That was just the beginning. Today, Ebell provides four scholarships to LBHS and one to Laguna Beach College of Art and Design. While most scholarships are awarded based on need, Ebell awards scholarships based on academics and community service. Our philosophy: By recognizing and rewarding those who strive for excellence, we encourage and inspire tomorrow's leaders and philanthropists.

One Success Story
One of our latest scholarship recipients not only worked an incredible 392 volunteer hours, but also was on the LBHS honor role all four years. For the past five summers, she has been a counselor for mentally and physically challenged children at "Special Camp for Special Kids." She was also Treasurer and Fundraising Committee Chair of the National Honor Society. This recipient now studies biomedical engineering at the University of Michigan.

Why support the Ebell Club of Laguna Beach?
Because Our Community depends on it.

Please send your tax-deductible donation to the Ebell Club of Laguna Beach, Inc., PO Box 422, Laguna Beach, CA 92652.
Federal Tax ID #95-3023959.

Are you interested inů More information? Making a donation? Becoming a member? Please contact Amy Altieri president@emaillagunabeach.org