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No organization can survive and flourish without the support and loyalty of its members. Since 1933, members of The Ebell Club of Laguna Beach have sought to maintain and build up their Club while improving our minds, expanding our vision and enriching our community. Our focus is charitable, enhancing our community through education, scientific and philanthropic endeavors. We are dedicated to serving our membership by focusing on issues and offering programs that are responsive to our members and our community, while developing leadership skills and relationships.

The Ebell Club of Laguna Beach members are teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, nurses, psychologists, computer specialists and stay at home moms. Our diversity is growing as fast as California's population changes. Our sustaining members provide a wonderful source of wisdom to our current members. Their attendance and interest in our events are a source of inspiration to us all when we come together for a common purpose: to learn from each other and serve the community of Laguna Beach.

Currently our organization is involved in hosting two annual fundraisers and other events throughout the year. Members are required to attend a minimum of five of the monthly meetings and participate in the fundraisers.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or finding out more about the Ebell Club click the Contact button on our website.